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  • HahaHoho

    A life of sharing pleasure, happiness, and satisfaction with family, friends, and beloved ones!
    It is a brand name that shares food and enjoyment, feels delicious foods together, shares love and expresses the happiness with incessant laughter.

    It expressed the laughing sound ‘hahahoho’ in Korean in a soft way using round font and used the consonant ‘ㅎ’ to remind of laughing face and to represent enjoyment.

  • RED COOK (Trademark registration number 40-0839207)

    The trademark, “red cook”, was made by combining ‘red’, the representative color of Korean food, and the verb ‘cook’ to symbolize and easily remind the flavorful Korean food.
    It is a brand used for traditional Korean food products such as Kimchi, red pepper paste, sauce, and sesame oil.

  • SWEETTIME (Trademark registration number 40-1035096)

    Taiwan ™-KR/TW-GR15001
    The trademark, "sweettime", was made of ‘sweet’ and ‘time’ and it represents the enjoyable and happy snack time in daily life. It is a brand that translated the shape of lollipop and the sweet time of local Taiwan in Chinese and was made to be suitable for the local sentiment.

  • 春香村美味泡菜 (U.S Trademark Reg No : 4,562,792)

    It expressed the ‘Chunhyanggol’, the nickname of Namwon in Korea, in Chinese letters and used the cabbage shape character that reminds of fresh Korean cabbage and made a fresh and delicious traditional Kimchi